“God’s Waiting Room”… A Familiar Place

by Heidi Khalil… January 10, 2023

Here I am Lord, before your throne… I am waiting with anticipation, sitting, kneeling, standing or on my face before you. I am trying to admire the art work on the walls of your waiting room. It is a very colorful place. It has a lot going on in it. Simultaneous “life” is ever present. It’s so funny that the waiting room has many information desks that I will need to be called to at different times. I will need to see only one “Lord” for all of these issues. The older I get, I realize that this is not such a bad place, just sometimes nerve racking, to say the least. I am learning to have some fun while I wait. I am learning that you have provided some snacks while in here, and enjoy playing games with friends and family. Yes, I am getting more familiar with this place. Thanks for the cozy and comfy quilt in your waiting room. I like it.

I am learning to have a whole new appreciation for this place. When I first started coming here, I didn’t much care for it. Like a child, I thought that this place would always be associated with brevity of time, and quick victories. I didn’t understand that you had me here for reasons and seasons, beyond my understanding or control. I needed to build patience and become better at listening and communicating, to relate to those who needed me in different areas. There were also people that you positioned to teach me important lessons. But, whatever the reasons that I am in this waiting room right now in different matters, please give me the strength, love and endurance to wait on you, gracefully, and faithfully… while trying to be still and not run ahead of your time schedule. I don’t want to make stupid mistakes that will cost me in the long run. Help me to accept your love in whatever shape it takes today.

And, might I say that while I am here, thanks so much for your beautiful creation, and that the waiting room has everything you want me to have. Thank you… in Jesus Name, Amen.

2 thoughts on ““God’s Waiting Room”… A Familiar Place

  1. Heidi, that is really expressed well!
    Reminds me of the verse “Be still and know that I am God”
    May you know his blessing while you wait ❤️


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