Holy Emissions

by Heidi Khalil, October 20, 2022

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As I was having devotions this morning something started to take shape in my mind and heart. It was stemmed from reading Psalm 18: 20-30. The thought that our behavior as Christians matters, seems to now be an old-fashioned idea. It no longer seems to be in line with Christian pop culture. But our conduct and disposition matter to the Lord. We need to stand on the word and the strength of God. We need to cry out to Him when we feel weak.

So, the question is raised. How do we do this? It is not of our own strength. This much is true. It is Christ within us. However, this does not negate that once we have given our lives to the Lord, as much as it lies within our power, that we need to make God-directed choices.

Sometimes as Christians, it seems that we live with question marks on our faces and above our heads in a thought bubble, as to why we fail many times at drawing closer to our Lord. I am convinced that much of it lies within our “fuel” that feeds our mind and spirit. What we take in, has a DIRECT IMPACT on what is emitted from us.

Photo by Francesco Paggiaro on Pexels.com

“Dark” fuel will only give us bad or toxic emissions. Examples of these would be taking in media into our daily lives that include black magic, wizards, witches, filthy language, sexually charged and or explicit content. There is enough of that stuff that pushes its way into our lives every day, just from interacting with society. What about watching mindless content, like endless pranks and such, that fill the mind, but not the spirit? But, of the things in our lives that we have free choice over, what are we choosing?

Maybe in this world filled with so much dark fuel, we need to be reminded of what clean fuel looks like. Clean fuel would be scripture reading, with contemplation and prayer. Another fuel source would be singing and/or picking up a musical instrument and doing it to the glory of God, no matter how simple or different…. or just making music choices that are truly uplifting. Take the 30 minutes to start a Christian music playlist on your device, or to download an audio Bible/Missionary/ Testimony app, so that you are being strengthened and encouraged. Follow a Christian blogger who lifts up God on their site. Become more involved in your church prayer group or outreach. If there is not one, start it. The future of God’s church is on the line. Please make sure that you have done your part so that what comes out of you will be “Clean Emissions” …. full of the presence of God. You will be surprised at the things that will come out of you. Set yourself up for success in the Lord and create a space in your heart where the Holy Spirit has free reign!


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