Enormous Wealth

by Heidi Khalil, March 9, 2022

Money….some people can never have enough. Some have very little. Money, although desirable is nothing more than a tool. Nothing more and nothing less. Try as some might, it is your character and conduct that define you, and not how much or how little money you actually posses or earn. Oftentimes, wealth serves as a smoke screen. Behind the smoky screen, can be a nasty, ill-tempered, and greedy person. You really get to know a person when you touch their money!

I have a good friend, who is a very successful Realtor, who shared this testimony with me. He was raised in a loving mega-family of 11 children, with 2 parents. His father was a very humble man, who really didn’t have much of any wealth to leave his children. Russell was already grown and living in another state when his father was ailing. He was running back and forth from Colorado to Oklahoma quite often. The bond was strong and there was good reason.

After Russell’s father died, his mother had a sobering talk with him that he will never forget. She said, “Son, your Dad has worked hard his whole life to provide for us all. He realized many years ago that he would not have physical wealth to leave you when he died. But, he has left you his most precious possession, his name. Uphold it!” You see, his Dad had left him a legacy of being honest, trustworthy and had treated others how he would like to be treated. Russell realized then that his inheritance was far better than money. A good name is hard to get and easy to lose. The person who can hold onto it is both wise and wealthy in the true sense of the word.

Photo by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA on Pexels.com

This is the kind of inheritance that is a blessing from God, and protects and inspires others to do the right thing. As we all go about our daily lives, we must make every effort to honor God as our ultimate Father. Our names, through the Lord, must be something worth leaving to our children and heirs. It’s far more valuable than money!

My friend has enjoyed a wonderful & prosperous career as a top Realtor in his state of Oklahoma. I have done contracts with him in the past. I have always found him to handle his business like I was his family member. The deals were handled impeccably. Every detail was well thought through, and my family and I were asked how we wanted things taken care of down to the smallest concern. He has a stellar reputation in his field, and no property is too small or too big. I have referred friends to him, and they have been just as satisfied as I and my family have been.

If you ever need his services, his name is Russell Guilfoyle, with Oklahomes Realty, out of Claremore, Oklahoma. His phone number is 918-812-5795. Be Blessed!

HK… Mighty Hand Publishing

copyright March 9, 2022

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